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By Hans Tapia Teuscher

The present concept called < em>"Record Neuroscience" (NCR), created by Professional Hans Tapia Teuscher DC. PT. Mg. In 2018 , the present concept is an approach based on innovative practices with updated scientific evidence of constant review, the approach created allows to deliver a service with meaning and clear purposes, which is innovative within high-performance sports, consists of increasing sports performance by 35% free of common injuries, without outdated methods, allowing better concentration, efficient neuromuscular strategies by moment the athlete needs it, it strengthens motor milestones of the sporting discipline and multiple benefits, as well as Strengthening milestones to reduce the possibility of injuries and inefficient health states. Likewise, this concept tends to be constantly researching, creating, innovating and updating so that our athletes are competing as equals, with the best tools they can choose and Thus, the technical bodies can also better capture what they want in their team and in order to meet the proposed Sports objectives.Initially, we must understand that the athlete's body may be experiencing a stagnation or loss of performance, which does not allow them to achieve their goals, marking a clear stagnation, to which we determine interference, it can be due to multiple actions, and related factors, Below is a basic diagram.

Being clear that interference, whatever it may be, the NCR Concept is made up of 3 pillars which are after an adequate evaluation, Detect injuries and factors that do not allow the athlete to function properly, as well as resolve and adapt the body system to subsequently Strengthen to the entire system, ending with the stage of Strengthening certain milestones, preventing injuries and increasing performance, which will be reflected in the increase in performance allowing for podiums and finals.

To whom is it directed?

  • Athletes, with clear objectives in their career, who can acquire a service, which they urgently need, to improve their performance, thus achieving podiums , finals, medals, no injuries.

  • Injured professional athletes, who require professional help now, because time is limited for the objectives.

  • Athletes with a commitment to live their discipline professionally.

  • Athletes with the possibility of investing in themselves to improve their performance and take care of their career.

Each of the interventions, evaluations and dynamics related and carried out in the NCR are scientifically based and under constant review.

This is a small sample of titles and authors of the papers or research on which we have relied.

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